L'Arco Romanico

Apartments in Montefalco

L’Arco Romanico is a charming medieval structure located in Montefalco’s historical centre. The complex is made up by three apartments - Benozzo, Perugino and Melanzio – which together form a lovely hamlet that borders the gardens between the ancient Palazzo Langeli in the square, and Via Tempestivi which takes its name from the adjacent Renaissance palazzo. Its convenient location, within the city walls of Montefalco, allows visitors to experience both the historic and artistic atmosphere that characterises the site with ample views of the valley below.
Arco Romanico MontefalcoFrom the peacefulness of the town, which is also known as the “Balcony of Umbria”, to the splendid tours of cities such as Perugia, Assisi, Foligno, Bevagna, Spello, Trevi and Spoleto, L’Arco Romanico offers visitors the chance to be in the historical centre of Montefalco and, at the same time, a pleasant place to stay while exploring the surrounding area. From a lot of years Umbria is also well known for its high level of enogastronomia’s products, for the “slow-food” way of life, for its expecially wine Sagrantino and, in Montefalco, for its “Agosto Montefalchese”.